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Our Story

The name Blue Rabbit showed up years ago as I stood in a field of jackrabbits, surrounded on all sides by a vast—and very blue—West Texas sky. It represents a journey of many years: hosting the Really Big Party, intimate gatherings and house concerts; and believing that all things are possible, as represented in the number 33.

Blue Rabbit launches as two properties: a home well-lived in on 33rd St that I call Casa Monterey and a “little house” over the garage (the Casita) that is known by many as a transitional place for respite and healing. Both carry a DNA of sorts that encourages possibility, peace, inspiration and joy. Together they are a true house of love, a gift placed in my hands—and heart—some 20+ years ago. They hold energy ready for others to experience full on, and it is such terrific energy!

Blue Rabbit will expand in fall 2016 to include a larger home with bungalow, and over time may include both commercial and residential properties. Our accommodations are available for short-term rental: day use, weekends or by the week. Blue Rabbit presents a vibrant choice for lodging and celebrations, making new and perfect places to reconnect, rejuvenate and unwind. We welcome you here, and look forward to helping you find a piece of magic and rest in an otherwise busy world.

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